Social Media Marketing Tips For SaaS Providers

Social Media Marketing

The best software as service providers (SaaS) in the world include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Hubspot and Grammarly. They are few of the most successful providers in the world at this point. On this note, has anyone ever noticed and asked a question on how SaaS providers market their software and services? Mostly these SaaS are actively participating in B2B services. They need to ensure right and effective marketing to promote their services in the eyes of the right target audience. 

When it comes to B2B services, some of the mainstream and important ways of marketing for SaaS includes email marketing. These organizations can either work with a newsletter subscription or an email marketing method. The goal of marketing includes to spread awareness to the target audience through the following features;

  1. Improving trust and credibility in the eyes of the customers. 
  2. Engage customers and build a sense of relationship between them and yourself.
  3. Attract potential customers and retain existing customers.

Social media marketing is one of the main ways to promote and market your product. Social media is a platform which reaches millions of individuals in the fastest way. Here are some of the tips that a SaaS needs to keep in mind whilst practicing social media marketing. 

1. Provide Value Content

Attract your customers by actually providing quality content to them. You don’t have to worry a lot on visuals and decoration on your content. Make sure to point out a genuine problem and purpose a genuine solution to them. Potential customers will automatically get attracted with the quality content that you are posting for them. This does not mean to give no attention to the design and visuals but ensure more focus and concentration on valuable and meaningful content. Make sure your posted content is original and not duplicated.

Ask for feedback from your customers. Create a Facebook poll or an Instagram vote to ensure customer engagement and create a conversation with the customers so that they could feel valued and heard. 

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2. Schedule Your Activities

Make sure to use a scheduler app for your businesses. Effective marketing includes having presence on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Make sure to use integrated marketing communication and schedule your posts and activities on all social media channels as per the timing most preferred and reacted by the customers. This might give you a chance to attract more potential customers. Here are some of the platforms you can use effectively;

Facebook – is a good platform to reveal updates and new offers. Facebook ads can be a good opportunity to work with. 

Instagram – is a good platform to ensure visual content for your customers. You can post on your videos and photos on instagram to get the best platform for it.

Twitter – you can post new updates and media announcements etc. Twitter is a good platform for B2B companies and their activities. 

YouTube – you can launch your videos, advertisements, promotional videos that would explain the features of your product and services. You can use YouTube for detailed and long videos to be explained to your customers. 

3. Use Professional Images

You are a professional organization, ensure to use professional images and visual content. Clip arts and other animated pictures are not appropriate. Post high-quality pictures of HD quality. You can use a high-quality editor to edit your pictures to minimize the risk of compromising the quality of the image. Make sure to use professional software to create your logos, background images with text. For instance, promoting Drive Scorpion Jacket would require professional images of the jacket for your customers to look at.

You can use online design templates to make the best for your website or social media presence. Choose the best template and design it. You can hire a graphic designer for the better visual content. 

4. Create Eye-Catching Videos

When it comes to attention grabbing, videos are more eye-catching and attention grabbing as compared to pictures. Videos are the best performing digital content at this moment. It helps to convey the right and detailed message to your customers and make the best impression, if the video is made properly. Video content can help increase traffic on your social media platforms along with websites.


Make sure to use animations and transitions to create better and more enhanced videos. Make sure to use high-quality editor to ensure HD quality of the videos. Consult to agencies who help create such videos to ensure quality content. 

5. Provide Incentives and Rewards

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your platforms is to offer incentive and rewards to your customers. Generate incentives and offer them, this would help generate traffic towards your platforms. Offer discounts and coupon vouchers to your customers to ensure customer retention and customer attraction. 

6. Create Smart Advertisements

Technology has enhanced a lot. You can now create different advertisements for every other social media platform. For instance, you can use Facebook ads to ensure brand awareness and create a positive brand image in the minds of the customers. Ensure paid ads between the Facebook videos. You can use Twitter advertisements as well for encourage people to visit your platforms. On the other hand, you can create Pinterest ads for brand awareness as well as that would help you to boost your sales. 

YouTube ads can help the most as they can help increase awareness, generate leads, drive traffic to your website as well as attract more customers towards your product/ service. 

You can use cost per click (CPC), cost per 1000 impressions (CPM), cost per view (CPV) and cost per conversion methods to increase views on ads. 


Make sure to be active on all your social media presences. Make sure to keep your customers engaged and ensure that they feel valued and heard. It is important to create customer satisfaction along with customer retention. Make sure to deliver what you have promised to create credibility. Word of mouth is one of the strongest means of marketing, make sure to create positive word of mouth.

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