How To Design An SEO Friendly Website That Ranks Well In Google


Designing a website using SEO is quite an interesting and important tactic. In essence, it makes them even more friendly to search engines. Hence, Google and various search engines will be able to crawl each page on the website with ease.

When content is interpreted efficiently, the search engine indexes it into the database. After the indexing phase, users will be able to see the most useful pages that are relevant to their searches. As better strategies are put into use, there’s an even better chance that your website will rank on the first page of the search engine.

Research has indicated that while billions of search queries are put in each day, not much tends to stray from the first page. Keeping that fact in mind, only 5% of people go on to look at the second and third pages on search engines. So, if you’re thinking about building a new site, it’s best to look into SEO tactics to help with your organic traffic. This in turn will help you get to the first page as your site ranks on Google. If you are looking for a web design agency in the Hampshire area then see ‘web design agency in Hampshire‘.

Within the SEO community, there are several popular jokes. Our favourite is “Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? On the second page of a search engine.” The following outline was developed to ensure that you optimize your site for the engines. As such, there are two distinguished pieces that need to be worked on; these are off-page optimization and on-page optimization.

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SEO Web Design Part 1

SEO-Friendly On-Page Optimization

When we look at on-page optimization, there are quite a number of strategies that can be controlled by the owner. These are better known as the tactics that play a huge role in your site and they help the engines to understand and crawl all of your content. The following are some on-page optimization strategies:

Keyword research: When you use the relevant topics and keywords, you’ll need to use them appropriately on your pages

  • Tags – Header tags, title tags, alt tags, and meta tags all need to be done correctly
  • URL Structures – These should be created in such an optimized way for both search engines and users
  • Internal Link Structure – Internal link structures should be created to ensure that the structure, navigation and the overall information architecture work together to help with crawling. In essence, this is responsible for matching expectations with results.
  • Content – Content should be created to captivate the audience and it will also gain a couple of links during your off-page optimization. Your content should include lists, videos, texts and images.
  • Responsive Design – The overall design of your site should give your users an exceptional experience on any device.
  • Appeal – When you structure your site in a catchy way, it will not only be visually appealing but will also give a better outlook of your brand. Users will be able to spot the consistency from a mile away.

SEO Web Design Part 2

SEO-Friendly Off-Page Optimization
When you look at off-page tactics, these tend to refer to amplification and marketing efforts. This just simply means that social media references and links will work together to ensure that your authority increases. As this happens, your traffic and rankings will drastically increase. The following are off-page techniques:

  • Competition – The competition should be understood to gain some insight into their strategies.
  • Inbound Links – The anchor text should be rich with your keywords. Inbound links can be attained from other sites that have been considered to be already authoritative.
  • Earning Links – Links can also come from rich content that is deep within your website.
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White Hat And Black Hat Web SEO

If you didn’t already know, these techniques within the SEO world tend to be classified into various categories. These include white hat techniques and black hat techniques. White hat strategies are those deemed acceptable to the search engines while black hat methods usually result in severe penalties.

White Hat Techniques

White hat methods are very valuable and will add a significant amount of value to the website. Not only do they provide value but they also add to the overall design experience. These techniques even increase traffic, rankings, sales and much more from search engines.



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