Newbies VS Oldies. Who is more worth trusting in the investment industry?


There are more and more financial companies: Waldora Company, Capital Group, Merryl Linch, Ava Trade. Which one is the most worth working with?

More and more people want to achieve passive income. According to the statistics from the Vanda Research, in 2021, the inflow of private investors amounted to 10 million people. The demand for financial companies is growing, as their number is, too. In this article, we will get acquainted with one “newcomer” to the financial market – the Waldora Company – and compare its offoers with the offers of some more experienced companies.

The number of financial companies is growing

In 2020, there was a real “investment boom”. The reasons of it were the coronavirus pandemic and massive lockdowns. Many people realized that at any time they could be left without a basic income.

The excitement in the stock market does not decrease in 2021. Bank deposit rates are falling, so the investment instruments are becoming more and more affordable and demanded.

But the main thing is that more and more financial companies are founded. They greatly simplify the investment process for more and more people. Newbies are adopting new technologies and moving away from the conservative trading methods. An example of this is the recently founded financial online marketplace called the Waldora Company. Should you turn to the experienced financial organizations or modern investment online marketplaces? This question worries many investors. In this article we will compare the advantages of new investment companies with the “sharks” of the stock market – the Capital Group and Merril Lynch.

 Waldora Company

This company was founded quite recently. However, in a short time this firm managed to create the image of a progressive company with great potential. They offer a wide range of financial services, from investment consulting to fiduciary management.

The Waldora Company concentrates on creating useful services for both beginners and experienced investors. For the beginners, there is an opportunity for training: full courses, webinars and short informative lectures. If you find it difficult to analyze, you can use their ready-made analytics. The Waldora Company’s experts provide weekly news reports and insights.

And for the investors who want to optimize their trading, the company provides access to the platform and offers more than 6500 trading instruments.

By the way, making transactions with CFD contracts, the investors will not need to pay a commission fee. Another distinctive feature of the Waldora Company is the ability to work with modern ESG investments. This is a form of social investment in which the decisions to invest money are made based on the company’s contribution to the development of the society.

Waldora Company works in 6 areas:

  •       Trading stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and other investment instruments.
  •       Market analysis from the firm’s experts.
  •       Tools for the analysis of the exchange quotes and other market informetion. The Waldora Company provides proprietary solutions to simplify the technical analysis process. This firm provides access to the trading platform which contains a large number of indicators and visual charts.
  •       Consulting support and creating an investment portfolio.
  •       Fiduciary asset management from experienced trading experts.
  •       Education: full courses, online webinars, educational mini-lectures. The Waldora Company has everything that the newcomers to the stock market need.

Capital Group

This company was founded even in the last century – in 1931. We are sure that almost every investor has heard of Capital Group. Over a long period of work, the Capital Group has managed to build up a reputation as a reliable and proven company. This firm offers both training for novice investors and turnkey solutions for experienced traders. However, 90 years of work leave an imprint on the company’s activities. No matter how hard Capital Group tries to modernize, its investment approaches remain conservative. On the official website, the firm declares that it “does not chase trends and prefers stability.”

The main services of the Capital Group are:

  •       Creation of the ready-made financial plans and investment strategies;
  •       Personal consultations for individual investors.

This firm does not provide access to automated trading platforms, which are the main tool for the modern trader. The situation with analytics is the same. It seems that Capital Group was stuck in the 20th century, when investing was of a different nature. Consequently, a great deal of experience is not always a company’s advantage.

 Merrill Lynch

A sensational investment organization, Merrill Lynch is actively promoting its services and loves to be noticed. This conclusion can be made by analyzing their public image. In the last 2 years alone, Merrill Lynch has:

  1. Been mentioned on the Forbes list as “America’s Best Women Welfare Advisers”;
  2. Been ranked in the Barron’s Top 100 Institutional Consulting Teams;
  3. Received the CIMA certification marks;
  4. Been named # 1 Technology Company in the North America by the Financial Times Professional Wealth Management;
  5. Been named the Best Research Company by the Institutional Investor Magazine.

Merrill Lynch helps beginner and experienced investors to achieve passive income and to multiply their savings. The company is considered one of the best among its competitors. However, again, the company has the same problem as the Capital Group – the Merrill Lynch does not always manage to keep up with the latest trends.

It offers ready-made investment portfolios, fiduciary management services and consulting support. But unlike the young companies (like the Waldora Company), Merrill Lynch doesn’t offer some products necessary for the present-day’s trading. This company does not provide access to trading platforms and does not offer investment instruments. Yes, you can learn technical and fundamental analysis here. But again, you won’t be able to use some tools that make this process easier.


This is one of the first companies which offered the ability to automate the work of traders. The organization was founded in 2006.

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AvaTrade is expanding every year. Now the company has several representative offices in different countries: Ireland, China, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This firm offers a wide range of services, from training to automated trading. Let’s take a closer look at the AvaTrade’s areas of activity:

  •       Provides access to the trading platforms – popular platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and the company’s own software, developed by AvaTrade.
  •       Analytical tools. The trading platform contains some special indicators for the technical market analysis. It is also possible to create some useful visual graphs on your own. This makes it easier for investors to analyze market and forecast the prices’ movements.
  •       Ready analytics. The company provides news bulletins in the public domain. Investors can conduct fundamental analysis based on this material. The AvaTrade also collects the latest events in the field of economics and politics in the Economic Calendar service.
  •       Algorithmic trading. This is an opportunity to automate trading using the copy-trading (or social trading) tools – using the service of copying deals. Such platforms allow you to copy the strategies of successful traders.
  •       Education. The AvaTrade’s website provides short video lectures for investors of all skill levels.

This company is the exception rather than the rule among the experienced companies. Despite its extensive experience, the AvaTrade is introducing new technologies into their activities. So, its approach is relevant. This firm offers both standard training materials and modern tools for trading automation.


There are many online marketplaces and investment companies in the financial markets. There are organizations that have been operating even for more than 50 years. They still approach investing conservatively. Companies founded in the last century usually neglect new tools. For example, in the assortments of Capital Group and Merril Lynch there are only the typical consulting and ready-made investment solutions. And relatively young companies like the AvaTrade and Waldora Company are rapidly advancing. They introduce new technologies into their activities. Such organizations provide access to trading platforms and other modern investment tools. These platforms, on their side, can automate trading using built-in algorithms. In addition they can facilitate technical analysis with a help of some built-in graphical indicators.

It can be concluded that it is more efficient for investors to contact young companies with a modern approach to trade, than the experienced ones. And what criteria do you pay attention to when choosing a financial assistant? Please, share your opinion in the comments.


When everything is at hand: why investment online marketplaces are the trading of the future?

Supermarkets are very convenient – you can buy a lot of different goods in one place. Popularity of the financial online marketplaces has the same reason. Such kind of companies offers a lot of trading instruments in one platform.

Who provides services to the investors?

With the growing popularity of investments and trading, the number of offers on the investment and financial services market is also growing. So, the companies which can offer their clients a wide range of financial services and products gain a competitive advantage. It is easier for investors to work with a single investment service provider capable of satisfying all of their needs, rather than being sprinkled across several different companies. Therefore, today most of the financial companies are trying to include as many diverse services for investors in their assortment as possible. So, the investment online marketplaces are also gaining more and more popularity.

Investment or financial online marketplaces are online platforms that combine a number of services and tools necessary for comfortable trading and effective investments. Their big advantage is the ability to use the proposed tools from anywhere in the world without leaving home, because this firms are an example of e-commerce, available only in the Web.

What services can the investors use?

The process of investing and trading on the stock exchange has a number of nuances, and in some cases you cannot do without intermediaries. Therefore, most investment service providers work in the following areas:

  •       Providing access to financial markets. This area includes providing the ability for a trader to carry out transactions on the stock exchange using trading platforms and terminals.
  •       Services of trade automation. Setting up trading robots, algorithmic trading, copying services. All these functions are designed to simplify the execution of trading operations and save the trader’s time.
  •       Analytics of financial markets. Most of the investment companies have their own research centers and a team of professional analysts who prepare market reviews and economic forecasts. Services that operate on the principle of an aggregator of news in the fields of economics and finance are also gaining popularity, allowing the investor to independently conduct a comprehensive fundamental analysis of the market, taking into account the economic events that have taken place.
  •       Investment consulting. Creating an investment strategy, making up an investment portfolio as well as another investment ideas and suggestions some of the most popular investment services provided by many financial companies to their clients.
  •       Fiduciary management. For the investors who do not have time to manage their funds on their own, fiduciary management service is provided. Professional managers will take on the responsibility of working with the client’s funds or investment portfolio. This activity requires compulsory licensing and regulatory control.
  •       Training in the basics of trading and investment. Many investment companies not only provide their clients with the necessary tools to work in the financial markets, but also offer various courses and training materials for beginners and more experienced traders and investors.
  •       Group investments. The most common form of group investment is investing money in various mutual funds, which allow you to have a share in mutual investment funds and claim some part of its profits. Management of mutual funds also requires compulsory licensing, so not every company can offer such option.
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All this services and products mentioned are not mandatory for inclusion in the range of offers of every company. As a rule, the list of investment services depends on the specifics of the company’s work, the availability of the required licensing and its technical and financial capabilities.

Waldora Company, AvaTrade and other offerings in the investment services market

Today, there are a lot of offers of financial services for investors, and every year their number only increases. In order not to get lost in all this diversity, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the most interesting of them.

AvaTrade is one of the first online trading services to serve investors all round the world. An extensive network of offices and regulatory control in various countries, including Ireland, China, Israel and the UAE, makes this company one of the most famous and reliable providers of investment services. The main areas of activity of the AvaTrade are:

  •       Trading in the leading financial markets, including stock, derivatives and cryptocurrency. Access to trading is carried out using multifunctional trading platforms, including the latest versions of MetaTrader and AvaTrade’s own software developments.
  •       Market analysis. This platform allows traders to independently conduct technical analysis of market data using a system of built-in indicators and the ability to build various charts. And for a fundamental analysis of the market situation, the Economic Calendar service is available, which displays the most significant economic events in the world.
  •       Algorithmic or automated trading. Automated trading is creating and setting up trading bots that are integrated with trading platforms, as well as using copy-trading capabilities, which allows you to automate the trading process and save your time.
  •       Education. The AvaTrade provides access to video tutorials filmed for both beginners and more experienced traders. In addition to studying theory, users can try trading on a demo account that simulates real trading.

Waldora Company is a young financial company operating on the principle of an investment online marketplace. A wide range of services and competitive pricing policy, up to zero commissions for the use of some trading instruments make the company attractive to many investors and traders. Some of the main offers of the Waldora Company are:

  •       Trading securities, commodities, indices and other trading instruments.
  •       Professional financial analysis. The Waldora Company has its own analytical department, whose specialists prepare up-to-date analytical materials, expert reviews and forecasts, which are available for free on the company’s website.
  •       Tools for the market analysis. For those who prefer to track the dynamics of economic indicators on their own, the Waldora Company provides a set of tools for conducting technical analysis. A large number of indicators, charts and widgets allow you to easily track the behavior of individual indicators.
  •       Investment consulting. The Waldora Company’s personal managers will help you to make up an individual investment strategy according to your needs, financial goals and opportunities. Also the company provides the services of making up an investment portfolio and fiduciary management of assets.
  •       Education. Beginner traders and investors can learn the nuances of trading from training videos or the full-fledged online programs from the Waldora Company’s experts.
  •       Investment ideas. A selection of options for the most profitable investment ideas allows investors to choose the appropriate assets to invest in.

Plus500 is one of the leading CFD providers and a provider of other services for traders and investors. The British company Plus500UK was founded in 2008 and continues to expand the range of services and technical capabilities of its products. Plus500 offers:

  •       Trading in the forex, stock, cryptocurrency, derivatives and commodities markets, as well as trading futures and options, on the world’s leading exchanges. A large number of trading instruments, including CFDs, allow traders to make multi-market transactions.
  •       Opportunities of technical analysis. Plus500 trading platforms are equipped with the set of necessary tools and advanced functions for creating diagrams and charts that show the dynamics of exchange quotes in different timeframes.
  •       For conducting fundamental analysis, Plus500 provides a service that allows you to track events in the world of economics and finance in real time. And the system of filters makes it possible to rank the specified events according to various parameters, which increases the efficiency of your analysis.
  •       Price changing notifications. Subscribing to notifications about changes in the price of quotes allows you to be always aware of movements in the global market.
  •       Learning the basics of trading. The Plus500’s training videos are specially filmed for novice investors and traders. Also you can train your trading skills on the demo account. The demo accounts copy real exchange trading.


Due to the increased popularity of exchange trading and investments, the investment industry is regularly enriched with new participants and offers. In the conditions of high competition between each other, financial companies have to expand their range of services and improve their mobility and quality. This factor makes it necessary to combine a large number of offers on a single platform, which makes investment online marketplaces a perspective type of financial companies.

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