How to Sell the Cell Tower Lease at the Best Price?

Sell the Cell Tower Lease

When considering cell tower lease buyouts, one needs to ensure two important things. First, is a buyout the best decision for them? An individual can miss out on hundreds to thousands of dollars by signing a buyout contract. Second, if the buyout is the right decision for them, then they should make sure to get the highest possible purchase price at the best terms. In such a situation, it is best to work with a professional cell tower lease agent as they are good at negotiating and ensuring more money. This article will guide people on how to get the best buyout deal.

What is a Cell Tower Lease Buyout?

A cell tower lease buyout implies the landowner selling his lease along with the right to receive rental income in exchange for a lump-sum amount for a certain period. The time frame for which the buyout deal is signed can be in perpetuity or for a certain period like 50 or 70 years. The buyer either makes a lump-sum payment or pays in installments to buy the right to receive the future rental income on the cell tower lease for a given period. 

Tips to Sell the Cell Tower Lease

  •       Don’t blindly believe the lease-buying companies 

Not all companies looking for cell tower lease buyouts are trustworthy. These companies are experts in presenting sales pitch and securing deals at affordable prices. For instance, they will tell the sellers that their companies can bring them more income in coming years by selling the lease. Don’t fall into their traps. Consider conducting a background check on such companies to know if they are reputable and reliable. 

  •       Understand all Terms in the Agreement 
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A lease buyout agreement usually includes a letter of intent, an easement agreement, a purchase/sale agreement, and other important agreements. Usually, the buyout agreement is prepared by the buyer’s attorney to maximize his rights and lessen his obligations. A seller must consider reading and understanding all terms specified in the agreement, rather than just the purchase price. Let the legal advisor scrutinize the entire agreement to make sure that the buyer is adequately protected. 

  •       Hire a Cell Tower Lease Expert 

Cell tower lease agents are experts in finding the best deals for individuals looking forward to selling their lease. They have years of experience working in the cell tower industry and thus, know the real value of cell tower properties. Moreover, their telecommunication skills make them an expert in negotiation and representing the best interests of property owners. Working with these professionals can help sellers sell their cell tower lease at the best price. 


The sales or purchase of each cell tower lease is handled differently. The companies interested in buying the cell tower lease only prioritize their benefits and profits. So, when it comes to cell tower lease buyouts, property owners should contact a cell tower lease expert to consult before signing an agreement. They are experts in finding trustworthy companies to purchase the lease, negotiate the terms and price on their client’s behalf, structure the purchase/ sale agreement, and proceed with transactions securely.

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