Key Candle Label Considerations


Whether you are selling your candles at the local farmers or in stores across the country, you need high-quality candle labels because they will have a big impact on the success of your brand. Candle labels might look like a simple thing, but there are many factors that can easily make things go downwards. Below are some of the things you need to consider before getting new labels.

Include Valuable Basic Information

Various products are going to have different information depending on the product, but there are some common details that you are going to find on every product label. This is why you need to start by including the following information on the label.

  • Product name
  • A unit of measurement (candle weight in this case)
    Company name and logo
  • Website/ contact information
  • Once you have covered these, you need to add candle-specific details. The information is going to provide specific details to the consumers. It is important because that is how they are going to decide which product is the right one for them.
  • Candle scent
  • Projected burn time (how long the candle is going to last)
  • Container specifications
  • Type of wax

Adding Recommended Fire Safety Details

While there isn’t close regulation of candles compared to products like CBD/THC, alcohol, and other items, there are label standards you need to know. The National Candle Association (NCA) is the major trade association representing candle suppliers and manufacturers. They note that a candle needs to have these three fire safety rules on the packaging:

  • Keeping it away from things that can catch fire
  • Burning within sight
  • Keeping away from children
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The NCA is not that specific on where the information needs to be, so the tag, label, or even dust cover can be accepted as places for listings these warnings. In addition to the safety rules, NCA recommends adding graphic safety symbols representing the safety rules. You can download the symbols from the NCA website.

While adding safety rules and graphics is a good start – mandatory if you are an NCA member – it is also good practice to have the manufacturer’s instruction for burning the candle. The ASTM-F2417 Fire Safety Standard is used to test candles, which is how you can provide instructions on the type of container to use (if you don’t provide one), burn length, and other important details. If you are in need of custom label solutions then see here.

Optimizing Label Placement

Between information and branding, it might reach a point when you don’t have much label space. The good thing is you can utilize the shape, size, and packaging of the candle to improve the branding.

This is why you will notice that many candle manufacturers are taking advantage of the side of the candle or the container it sits on. You also need to consider the underside of the product. The best spot for basic product information is the side, but you can include fire safety and other details on a separate label then apply them at the bottom of the container or candle. Container lids provide you with even more labelling space. If there is a surface, then it is an area to use for your branding provided the label can fit in that space.

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