Exploring the Island of Romblon

Exploring the Island of Romblon

Planning your summer getaway with your family or friends? There’s a lot of beautiful, known beaches here in the Philippines. But most of those beaches are too crowded during summer, so why not try to go out and explore virgin, secluded ones.  Head center and explore the Island of Romblon.

Uncrowded, not so mainstream, and yet so close to nature. Information from Empanadabites said that Romblon has 20 islands and islets, 17 municipalities and 17 dialects. The island capital is in between the bigger islands of Sibuyan and Tablas. White beaches are prominent in the area as it is the center of the Philippine archipelago.

4 Best Things to do in Romblon

     1. Visit the popular beaches

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Romblon. Take a look at this list and plan your itinerary now:

Bonbon Beach

EmpanadaBites mentioned that Bonbon beach is one of the most popular beaches in Romblon. It is only located 3km from the main town (Poblacion).  It’s a privately owned beach that has a paradise vibe because of the crystal clear water and their unique sandbar. Bonbon sandbar has a length of 2km connecting to the Island of Bang-og.

Tiamban Beach

Mentioned in Empanadabites as one of the best beaches in Romblon, Tiamban Beach boasts its white sand and crystalline waters. Tiamban Beach is perfect for family gatherings in search of a great place that is quiet and secluded.  They also allow camping in the vicinity with a minimal fee plus they provide basic facilities to some tourists who want to stay overnight.

Talipasak Beach

Also known as San Pedro Beach Resort,  Talipasak Beach is a perfect place to go to if you’re looking for a spot with chill vibes and fascinating sceneries its white sand and crystal clear water makes this beach ideal for chill moments and swimming. They also offer accommodation, restaurant and some water activities like snorkeling.    

Though EmpanadaBites perfectly captured the beauty of Romblon through its beaches, there are a lot more things that the place has to offer aside from swimming and lounging under the sun.

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     2. Marble Workshop and Shopping

Romblon is known as the “Marble Capital of the Philippines” due to its inexhaustible deposits of marbles. Their marbles are very special because it’s very tough unlike the marbles offered by other provinces. Their marbles vary from green, white, blue, black, century-cream, etc. But the most expensive one was the 100-year-old century Black Onyx.

If you’re curious on how do they form and shape the marbles into beautiful works of art, you should try to visit Lio Bay. It is a marble quarry where marbles are crafted into art. You can watch the craftsmen shaping and carving their marbles into statues.

You can also buy marble souvenirs like keychains with customized engravings, lamp shades, mortar and pestle, ashtrays, vases and many more from the marble shopping center in Romblon sold in a very low price.

     3. Cliff Diving

If you’re into adventure, you can try cliff jumping in Romblon. They may not be that known yet but they actually have many cool spots for cliff jumping.

Lambingan Falls in Magdiwang

The falls are just a few minutes of walk from the main road. It has natural pools filled with clear and cold water from the high mountains of Mt. Guiting-guiding. The falls are quite small, but it is a great place to have a picnic and hang out for a while on the bamboo platform. You can also try their little cliff jump at the bottom falls.

Dagubdob Falls

It is known as one of the most popular destinations in Sibuyan Island. It has 4 breathtaking levels of clear natural pools. The water is very cold and clear coming from Mt. Guiting-guiting. They may not be that famous for cliff jumping but, you can find a perfect spot to do so. Also, they are famous for the presence of the “pitcher plants” – a rare plant to find in the Philippines.

Cantingas River

Hailed as one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines. It’s water also comes from Mt. Guiting guiting, a nice place for a picnic and they’ve also built a small board for those people who wants to try to cliff jump.

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Koding Koding Point

If you want to see the best view of the sunset, then this is the best place for you. Also, this place is often visited for its cliff jumping zone with a height of about 3-4 meters.

     4. Visit some historical and heritage sites

Romblon is not only famous as the Marble Capital of the Philippines but also blessed with historical and heritage sites.

Fort San Andres

The walls of Fort San Andres were built way back in the 18th century to guard the Romblon Town against pirates.  It overlooks the town as well as the sea, which made it perfect to see quickly if there are any intruders coming towards Romblon. It is very historical that it can’t be missed by every tourist.

St. Joseph Cathedral

It is considered as the oldest Church in the capital town of Romblon, located in the heart of the town. It was built way back in the 15th century by recollect fathers. This place is very majestic and carries a lot of history.

Old Houses Around Town

There are still several old houses around the town. You can just walk around and enjoy the historical houses that was built during the 15th century.

Key Takeaway

Romblon used to be known as the “Marble Capital of the Philippines” due to the abundance of marble in the area but as time passed and the culture evolved, the province had also become an ecotourism destination. With pristine and virgin beaches, diving spots, and rich historical culture, no wonder Romblon has evolved as a go-to to tourists and backpackers seeking rest and relaxation. Also, EmpanadaBites mentioned that they have cheap hotels that are the same quality as urban living.

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