How to Reduce the Electrical Transformer Noise?

Electrical transformers always make humming and buzzing sounds which can be frustrating and disturbing for people living nearby. The major reason for this noise is the magnetostriction process that takes within the transformer, which involves changes in the dimension and shape of the magnetic steel sheet when magnetized. Since magnetostriction is an important process, it’s not possible to eliminate the noise, but it can be reduced to a certain extent. This article enlists multiple ways for a significant amount of transformer noise reduction.

  •       Mounting the Transformer on a Solid Plane 

It is always recommended to mount the electrical transformers on heavy dense surfaces such as concrete walls and floors, instead of thin curtain walls or plywood surfaces. As mounting transformers on the soft surface only accelerate the humming noise which makes it intolerable. Moreover, for significant transformer noise reduction, the mounting surface should be at least ten times heavier than the transformer. 

  •       Choose a Low Traffic Area for Installation 

An area having high traffic will automatically generate more noise. Topping such an area with a noisy electrical transformer will only make things more worse and annoying. Therefore, make sure to maintain at least a low-traffic area between the electrical transformer and high-traffic spaces in buildings. 

  •       Don’t Install Transformers in Corners, Stairwells, or Corridors 

Installing a transformer nearby a wall will only amplify the sound. It works similarly to the echo of human beings’ voices amplifying their sound. Therefore, there should be enough space between a transformer and the walls. This is the reason that constructors should avoid installing transformers in room corners, corridors, or stairwells to prevent a noisy environment. In addition, don’t install the transformer near the ceiling. 

  •       Use Sound Dampening Materials 
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Sound-dampening materials such as cushion padding or oil barriers can help absorb the sound which results in significant transformer noise reduction. Some other acoustic-dampening materials are fiberglass, acoustic tile, and more. Although these sound-dampening materials won’t eliminate the sound, they will absorb the sound, making it easier for people working in electrical transformer areas to deal with the irritating hum. This solution will bring a little relief for those working or living around the electrical transformer. 

  •       Keep the Bolts Enclosures Tight 

A contractor should properly tighten the bolts and screws in the cover and top of the transformer. Any loose bolt or screw will vibrate when the electrical transformer is on. The vibration will increase the hum and thus, add to the annoying noise made by the transformers. Apart from this, make sure to avoid lifting eyebolts to prevent the spreading of noise. 


Installing electrical transformers is important for power regulation, but transformer noise can be a major problem. The frustrating humming transformer noise makes it difficult for people to focus on their work. These listed tactics are the most effective solutions to reduce the audible transformer humming and provide a quieter work environment. In addition, some commercial constructors create durable barrier walls strong enough to withstand extreme weather and temperature swings, along with amplified electrical transformer noise. Usually, such walls keep the business compliant with local noise regulations and also cost less.

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