Learn Playing: The Benefits of The Game During Childhood

Learn Playing: The Benefits of The Game During Childhood

We often hear about the importance of play in childhood. The game is important at any age, but it is during childhood that it takes center stage. The child does not play to learn but learns by playing. Next, we will see at what levels the child develops through the game.



  • Through play, the child promotes the development of the body and the senses:
  • Discover new sensations
  • Coordinates the movements of your body
  • Structure your mental representation of the body schema
  • Explore your sensory and motor possibilities
  • It discovers itself at the origin of the material modifications that it provokes
  • He is conquering his body and the outside world
  • Has domain experiences that encourage self-confidence


The game creates and develops mental structures, promoting creativity:

  • Manipulative games are an instrument of thought development
  • The game is a source of learning that creates zones of potential development
  • Playful activity stimulates attention and memory
  • The symbolic or representation game fosters cognitive decentering
  • The game originates and develops imagination and creativity
  • The game stimulates fantasy-reality discrimination
  • The game is communication and facilitates the development of coherent language
  • The fiction that involves the game is a way of developing abstract thinking


  • The game promotes affective and emotional balance:game1
  • It is a pleasant activity that stimulates satisfaction
  • Allows the assimilation of difficult experiences facilitating the control of anxiety associated with these situations Enables the symbolic expression of aggressiveness and child sexuality
  • It is a means for learning conflict resolution techniques
  • Facilitates the progressive process of psychosexual identification
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The game is an instrument of communication and child socialization:game4

a) The symbolic, representation or fiction games:

They stimulate communication and cooperation with peers

They extend the knowledge of the social world of the adult and prepare the child for the world of work

They stimulate moral development since they are a school of self-control, will, and assimilation of rules of conduct.

They facilitate self-knowledge, that is, the development of personal awareness

They help in the processes of socio-emotional adaptation

b) The rules games:

They are learning social interaction strategies

They facilitate the control of aggressiveness

They are an exercise of responsibility and democracy

c) Cooperative games:

They promote communication and increase positive messages within the group game5

Improve self-concept, increasing acceptance of oneself and others

Increase the level of participation in class activities

Stimulate positive physical contacts in free play and decrease negative physical contacts and negative verbal interactions

Increase behaviors of cooperation and sharing, that is, prosocial behavior

Enhance assertive behavior by decreasing passive and aggressive behaviors

Improves the social climate or the environment

They facilitate interracial acceptance

These and other virtues characterize the game. To finish, let’s see some final considerations


The game, whose end is in it, can be chosen following a series of guidelines:

That has a playful character that pursues the enjoyment

  • That allows the free expression of the child
  • That favors participation
  • That they have a globalizing character, developing the more areas of the personality, the better
  • That relate to their interests
  • That the activities are varied and brief to maintain their attention
  • That stimulate exploration and encourage creativity
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Thus we could continue citing numerous recommendations and games at http://notdoppler.online can best because practically everything can be addressed through the game.


Within childhood, we can choose different types of games, from the activities for each month during the first years. I recommend you watch the program of MOMS AND BABIES

Academic problems can be addressed from a reinforcement plan with recreational activities

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