Things to Consider When Buying New Windows


Buying new windows for your house can be an intricate process, but it is also one that is worthwhile. When shopping for new windows, you need to ensure you get the right ones that offer optimal functionality, style and also value for your money.

When you build a new home or replace your current windows, the initial step is to determine your property’s architectural style so that you can pick windows that really reflect or compliment that style. In this read, we are going to delve deeper into the factors to consider when picking new windows.

The Material

The window frames material should be an excellent place to begin. You will want something that is sturdy, promises longevity and has adequate insulation. The perfect solution for this comes straight from nature- timber. It is a strong, organic product that can outlive manufactured uPVC twice. Timber not only looks stunning, but its standards also go beyond the regulatory construction standards in the UK.

In the past, hardwood was considered to be the ideal material for window frames, but advances in manufacturing techniques and technology have made it no longer the case. Nowadays, engineered timber lends itself perfectly to windows, boasting far much better performance compared to solid timber. The manufacturing process is what makes engineered timber so strong- as sections of wood are layered together, compressed, bonded and then laminated with durable materials like Accoya.

Timber Windows Fenestration

Windows positioning can change both exterior and interior aesthetics drastically. From a planning point of view, beyond determining how the windows will look, is how they will affect how light enters the room and if the lighting is ideal for the purpose of that space.

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Once you have determined the arrangement of your windows, the next step is to consider the design. For maximum impact on a house where all the windows will be of the same size, you can consider varying styles and features like changing the finish, glazing bars, glazing or leading.

For older homes that call for replacement of sash and Georgian windows, in particular, you’ll want to notice the small details as they can take a toll on an otherwise sympathetic historic building’s exterior restoration. We have a specialist product featuring slimline glazing as well as a slightly deeper glazing bar, providing the look of conventional single glazing, despite being double glazed. If you are looking for secondary glazing then see here.

High-Performance Glazing

When it comes to ideal window design in this day and age, quality glazing is essential. Well, there are many factors that will help determine this. We all know that double or triple-glazed windows will provide you with the potential to minimize your heating and cooling bills substantially, especially when replacing old, single-glazed windows.

When looking at thermal efficiency, it is also imperative to check for low-emissivity glass, as it will substantially minimize heat transfer by reflecting interior heat back to the house. Solar glass is another popular option, as it works to keep heat out during the hot months and reduce UV light penetration as well as glare.

Some windows are designed from laminated glass, which minimizes noise, making it excellent for urban regions and boosting security performance. Toughened glass is another popular option, as it is about four times sturdier than conventional glass. It is also safer when broken as it shatters into cubes rather than the sharp shards of traditional glass.

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All our glazing windows use toughened glass, so feel free to shop with us. With the above tips, you should be able to make a decision that not only ascertains functional windows but appealing units that complement your property.


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