Travel Hacks For New Moms With Their Child On The First Holiday

Travel Hacks For New Moms With Their Child On The First Holiday

Traveling with your kids? Nervous? Thinking about how to manage everything about your kids?

Parents often get worried when they carry their kids. Hence usually they skip the holiday tour until their kids get a little bigger. But how much big do you want them to go on a trip?

So that’s a contentious topic, and we will not be going into that today. Better let me guide you and help you to carry your kid on your holiday trip.

A guide for new Moms preparing for holidays

Being a mother of two years old, I have experienced many issues while traveling. Gradually with the time, I learned how to manage everything. Today I will be sharing my experience with you

  1. The storybooks

Help them get their most favorite storybooks for them. If your child can read themselves, then give them the book while traveling. It is a great way to keep them engaged and pass the dreary time of moving for them. Or let them engage in story time while they get bored with long traveling.

If a book is not the right thing for your kid, then carry at least one or two of their favorite toys to engage them. Kids always find for their comfort space, and they would be happy. Keep them happy, and you all will enjoy the trip.

For babies, you can carry the stroller which can even help you to carry some luggage of the babies.

  1. Some handy foods for your loved ones

It can be chocolate or the favorite cookies, biscuits or even some dried fruits or nuts- carry any of them with you. These foods give instant energy to the child to cope up with any situations. Also, they are the favorite of all kids, and they love to have them. When on a trip, taking food on time, it is not always possible. Carrying these things would help you to give your child the required amount of calories on time. Also, they would feel quite energized and will be happy. They will even not get tired.

They would also not take a huge space in your luggage bag.

  1. Carry enough amount of water or energy drink
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If your child can drink into any energized drinks, carry them. Or plain water can also be useful. Keeping them hydrated while traveling is very important. Give them the sipper bottle to sip some of the water frequently.

Sometimes you can even add fruit juice into the bottle to add a difference in taste to them. Well, you need to arrange anything separately while you are traveling. Have your juice and given them too while enjoying the holiday.

  1. Inflatable cushions are the must.

As I told before, kids love to have their things even in new places. So carry their things which would help them rest or be cozy. Carry the inflatable cushion which would help them to take a restful sleep at any time in the flight or even on the beach. These things take a very little space but can be of great help while you are on a family trip.

  1. Keep a piece of paper with information with your child

This is not for moms of babies. But if you have a bit grown up the child, then it is a must and very important. Keep a piece of paper with all detailed information either in the pocket or stick it with the dress. If they are big enough to understand and speak, then tell them if anytime they separate with their parents, show this paper to any elders and they can bring them to you.

Explain to them that there is nothing to fear in such cases. You never know, so be ready and let the child also know what to do in such emergency cases.

  1. Clothes should be a comfortable one

On holiday and be stylish!!! Well, we all want to be and why not our kids. So while buying any clothes for your child, keep the comfort factor first then the style factor. This is very important as it can help the child to be free and relaxed while they are at a new place.

  1. Carry first aids and compulsory medicine
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Mosquito repellant, moisturizer, sunscreen are some essentials. Carry antiseptic creams, antibiotics, medicines for vomiting tendency, fever, constipation or loss motion. Even flues or cold can be another one if you are traveling to cold regions. Keep these things at the place which is quite handy. We never know when we will need them, Moms.

  1. Proper shoes for the new member

They will be traveling for the first time and need to be in shoes for a longer period. They may need to walk more than regular- so buy shoes which comfortable and is correctly fitted. Ill-Fitted footwear can be painful and make them cry and discomforting.

  1. Carry electric kettle

This particular device helps you in so many things- warming milk, boiling water, making few instant foods. At any place, you can give them their right food with this appliance. A single device can play a multi-task role for you.

  1. Carry a few extra bags and an extra set of clothes

These things should be kept just at your handbag. A towel, few small handkerchiefs, a set of clothing, diaper, wipes, tissues, a sheet to spread on any place- this would be essential while you are traveling. You never know when your baby will poo or peep. They may need an emergency diaper change.


Hope this guide will help you to pack your luggage for your holiday. You may need a few more things as per few personal needs, but these points are the must.

Let me know about your experience after you come back. Share with us if you also have any worthy inclusion to this list. I would love to hear them and let help other MOMs pack their bags for the kids too. Moms, Let start the family vacation now.

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