The Role Playing Nobel: The Simming Prize

There are multiple online awards for online role playing. If you are looking for the best one, you have to check Simming Prize. Well, this is one of the best online awards right now. 

The authority has been awarding many individuals for years. Winning the role playing Nobel can be very exciting. Well, there are so many things to know about this prize. That’s why we will share all the details in this article. It will help you a lot. 

In this article, we will share the basics and history of the Simming Prize. Moreover, we will also share the importance and organization of this honorable award. Keep reading to know more about this well-known award. So, let’s get started. 

What is Simming Prize?

Before we start, you have to know about the basics of this award. As we noted before, the Simming prize is a well-known award. This prize is given to individuals for their dedication, quality, and activity. 

This award had five categories; literature, internet technology, management, peace, and service. However, they discontinued the categories later. Now, it is awarded without a category. 

Well, someone can be awarded for both a one-time achievement and a period of achievement. When an individual wins the prize, they get the title of Simming Prize Laureate. Indeed, it’s an honorable moment for winners. 

You can say, this prize is quite similar to the Nobel Prize. And the organizers designed this award like that. Usually, they will submit the nominations over the year. However, there are no limitations for nominating people.

Anyone can submit nominations throughout the year. The organization keeps everything in the strictest confidence. There’s no particular time for the result. However, they announce all prizes at the same time. 

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In most cases, the organization announces the result in the new year. Well, the time can change every year as they don’t have a particular date for the result. It depends on how the organization is reviewing the nominations. 


You might know that the Simming Prize isn’t a new thing. The organization has been awarding individuals for years. Well, the Simming League created this award in 1999. As we noted before, it was modeled after the Nobel Prize. That’s why it had several categories.

However, the organization discontinued the categories in 2007 for some reasons. After that, they have been awarded to individuals without a category. There’s another special thing about this prize.

They also established a Seth Cotis Medal in the memory of Seth Cotis, the founder of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. The responsibility of this award was transferred to Ongoing Worlds in 2011. For 2012 and 2014, SimEnc took the responsibility. 

Later, in 2014, a group of trustees took responsibility for this award. And now, this award isn’t associated with any large organization. You have to look for the name as well. This award was named the Simming Prize from 1999 to 2005. 

In 2005, the organization renamed it Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis. The name continued until 2010. In 2011, the name was changed to the Ongoing Worlds Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis after Ongoing Worlds took the responsibility.

Now, the official name of this award is The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis. The name hadn’t changed after 2014 as a group of trustees took the responsibility. 

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As we noted above, this award is organized by a group of trustees. Well, currently five trustees are managing this award. The main job of these trusses is to share the right guideline with people. And they are also responsible to carry the legacy of this award.

As you see, this prize has a long history. So, the organizers are very careful with everything. They also select the administrators and judges. They check and review all nominations before taking the final decision. It’s a tough job as they receive a huge number of nominations throughout the year. 

In most cases, the Judges are members of the trustees, past Laureates, and honorable members of the community. Right now, Mike Bremer, Jai, Nugra, and Zania are the trustees of this prize. 

The Simming Prize will be awarded in 2020. The winner was Outpost Phoenix. However, it took a break after the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, we can hope that this popular award is coming back next year. 


You see, The Simming Prize is an important prize. Because of the popularity and the honor, it is called the role-playing Nobel. However, there are so many things to know about this prize. We have discussed all the details and history of this award. Still, you can visit the official website if you want to know more about the prize

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