Staying Motivated To Exercise


Is it difficult for you to find the motivation to exercise regularly? You are not alone. Most people are not able to achieve their fitness goals as they do not set realistic expectations. Nothing spectacular is going to happen suddenly when you are trying to lose weight. It is never a linear process as most people tend to lose a little weight initially and then gain it back, and with trial and error, they ultimately succeed.

Weight loss isn’t a sprint. Don’t give up even when you are frustrated due to no visible changes in your body. It’s all about burning those calories. If you are burning more calories than you are putting in, changes are happening in your body.

Things might be slower but they are happening. This is why it is important for you to set realistic goals and give enough time for your body to go through the required changes. Visible changes may happen in weeks or even months.

Ideal Weight Loss Pace

Find That Motivation

Most people are pumped when they decide to lose weight. Generally, this spurt of energy is enough to carry them through the first few weeks of their resolution such as a regular workout or particular diet plan. Many people lose that energy after a few weeks and think about giving up. If that is something you are considering, these tips are for you:

Goal Reset — If you are losing steam, take some time to figure out the reason for you wanting to exercise and losing weight. If that reason was important enough to get you started, it should give you enough motivation to keep going. Write it down and keep it at a place where you see it regularly. Use it as your phone wallpaper or stick it on your mirror or on the refrigerator.

Think about Your Progress — Don’t keep looking at the amount of weight you have lost due to exercise but how exercise has improved your life. Do you feel faster or stronger? Do you have more confidence? Use these as energy boosters to keep going.

Mix Things – Variety is the spice of life and that also applies to exercise regimen. Don’t stick with the same workout schedule. Mix things to keep everything interesting.

Rewards Work

Rewards are a great way to keep yourself motivated about exercising regularly. One option is massage at the end of the week. A relaxing massage is something everyone looks forward to after a tough week. There are other options such as your favorite weekend getaway, a new pair of headphones or a new playlist, buying a new song or book you have always wanted, buying new workout gear, buying a new computer game to play after exercise, and other such things.

Try Everything before Giving up

Don’t quit before trying everything. What usually happens is that individuals slowly drift away from the set schedule and do not take action to stop that slippage. This is why you should acknowledge that you are not working out and try to spend a minimum amount of time each week.

Don’t give up if you’re not able to maintain that minimum commitment level. Give yourself time to try out other options such as finding a workout buddy, hiring the services of a personal trainer, working with an online personal trainer, joining a gym or a fitness group, trying out new exercises through a sport or video, and other such things. At times, you just need a change in the routine to keep going. You might be wondering well how do I find a personal trainer, well the easiest way is just to do a simple Google search just type in personal trainers near me or personal trainers and your location. For example, if you are in the Surrey area then type something like ‘personal trainer Surrey‘.

Remember It’s a Marathon

Finding the motivation to keep exercising is like running a marathon. You just need to keep running and things will get easier. However, you will still have to work on motivating yourself. There isn’t going to be any sudden moment where you will be excited to exercise regularly.

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