Incredible Facts About Spiders

Incredible Facts About Spiders

If you are reading this and you have arachnophobia (fear of spider). No one has ever died from a spider bite since 1981, so chill out guys. Of the 46,000 types of spider, only 12 of them are dangerous to humans. Spiders kill 2,000 insects a year. A group of spider is called a cluster; a baby spider is called a spiderling.

Now there is a big difference between a spider and a tarantula. Most people do say that tarantula is bigger and hairier than spiders, but it is more complicated than that. Tarantula is part of the spider family called Mygalomorphae. They do not spin web unlike spider; they can regenerate lost legs and live for thirty years. Although they are usually hairy and large, some of them are small and hairless.

There are 900 species of tarantula. They keep little frogs as a pet to protect their eggs. Spiders eat their webs to recycle them. Some spiders can walk on water. Spiders can spin webs in zero gravity. Spiders kill many insects humans hate including flies, bees and mosquitoes. So many people think spiders have special enzymes that make them immune to sticking to their own web, but they do not.

Furthermore, spiders only walk on the tips of their legs. Falling into their web will cause them to become stock just like their prey. Only two spiders in the US are known to be dangerous; the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. A spider will never go out of its way to bite a human. Personally, I have never been scared of spiders. Certain spiders can breathe on water. Spiders do not have genitals. Most spiders live for one year.

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The black widow spider has the reputation of being the most dangerous of all known spiders. The Brazilian wandering spider has the most potent venom of all the arachnids. Silk web from spiders contains vitamin K, which is very helpful in stopping bleeding in wounds. Peacock spiders dance to find the mate. No two peacock spiders have the same dance. The world biggest spider is the goliath bird eater.

It weighs as much as a puppy, and its legs are as the length of a child’s arm. It can live for 25 years, and they are powerful enough to pierce the human skull. Spiders can use the web to make sheets, ladders, web fences. Spiders use its self-made web as a sling to pushes its own towards its prey as seen in angry birds.

Spiders are scared of ants. Some species of spider eat their male while they are mating and they are also good pollinator. All spiders spin silk, as well as the web. Spiders do not have teeth; they ingest digestive juices into the body of their prey and suck them up. If you truly cannot stand spider, there is an effortless way to get rid of them; a burnt chestnut.

For some reasons spiders absolutely cannot stand the smell of a chestnut that is burnt. Just put that in your room, and they will never come near it. Spider silk is five times stronger than steel in proportion to its weight. A spider web as thick as a pencil could stop a jumbo jet in mid-flight, and that was what inspired them to create Spiderman.

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Scientists have no idea, how they replicate its strength and elasticity of spider silk. Drugs such as caffeine, marijuana have a significant effect on spider silk by creating distortion, holes in between the strands of the silk. It was a necessary scientific experiment in history. One thing for sure, spiders are creepy, and can sometimes cause a scare especially when you have kids around the house. It is advisable to consult your local pest control operator if you have spiders around the house.

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