How to refurbish an old kitchen

How to refurbish an old kitchen

You can own a brand new kitchen without having to spend heaps of money. How? By trying out some of the DIY methods and getting smart with the possible changes. The refurbished kitchens are way better than renovating from the scratch and allow you to make minor changes that make a huge difference.

The best part about trying this out is that you don’t need to replace everything. You just need to look out for visible components and add new life to your old kitchen. This kind of facelift is pretty adorable and doesn’t complicate things. You need to focus on cabinet doors, floor covering, new appliances, and there you’d have a new kitchen.

Easy ways to refurbish your kitchen

We list you with some of the smart options that will help you make changes in your existing kitchen. Check these out below and see how you can work on them:

  1. Floor covering

Most of us have linoleum or vinyl covers on the subfloor. They are easy to remove so you can start pulling out the strips from your cabinet. Start from the notch right beneath the cabinet that lets you foot pass under its front edge. You can put a loose blunt knife and slowly remove the remaining part of the baseboard.

If our floor cover passes under cabinets, you need to use a sharp knife to chop around cabinet perimeter. You can then leave the floor covering under your cabinets intact. Next, pull floor covering inside the kitchen with your hand or use a wide putty knife for cutting the glue loose as you go. The subfloor should be okay but if it gets ridges and bumps, you should sand them down with a belt sander. You can use the square vinyl titles for replacement with sticky backs and replace floor covering. Place it down one by one to cut and fit as needed.

  1. Door and drawers

There is much to do when you need to work on drawer fronts. It is a quick fix that needs you to remove doors, hinges, from the face frames of cabinets. Keep hinges to use again for the efficient installation of new doors.

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You then need to pull drawers out of cabinets and remove drawer front. The drawer fronts are intact in one place with screws that penetrate through the front of drawer boxes into the front. You need to remove those with drills or ask experts to help out as per right measurements.

You can also choose high-end raised panel doors and drawer front when you wish to spend money and inset panels. These make the entire system more affordable and let you save cost.

You can buy the door prefinished or DIY it too. Install on your cabinet by using the same hardware. If your cabinet frames need refinishing, try to sand down or complete it up before putting us new drawers and doors.

  1. Countertop

Traditional kitchens had plastic laminate for countertops and they came off easily. You need to start off by removing faucets and sinks to work on this. Unscrew from the bottom and lift off. Insert a putty knife through any crack or space in the laminate. Add a little bit of acetone and wait for it softens the glue. Slowly, start pulling off laminate of countertop.

Keep adding glue as you need and start pulling off the laminate. If it breaks then it is okay. Scrape out the remaining gelled glue from countertop with a putty knife. Sand it up lightly with an orbital sander that’s equipped with sandpaper. To give this a high-end look, choose professionals for installing granite tops. If you want to DIY, try using tiles yourself.

Lamination is affordable and you can glue it on yourself when you have a table saw to cut and router to finish. You can install faucets yourself, but for sinks or for complete assistance, turn to the best in the city.

  1. Smart appliances

The modern smart homes are standardized and have all ranges of ovens, dishwashers, cooktops, and more. Their size charts are perfectly fitted to your refurbished kitchen even when they are available in plenty of types and sizes.

When you consider changes in your kitchen, think about the new appliances that you can buy. When openings aren’t standard, you can shop for right appliances or use kits with fillers and panels which allow any size to fit an opening.

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A fridge comes with several sizes, and you might want to go with large or wide options. You simply need to choose the upper cabinets and trim the bottom. You can also choose taller options that have less width.

Adding more appliances likes mixers, juicers, instant chapati maker, to buying smart utensils like crockpot can make a kitchen smart. You can also check out the automation possibilities that lets you ease out a little more.

  1. Design and style

A refurbished kitchen is incomplete if you don’t add your personal touch to it. Make sure you allow the space to accept designs and styles so that you can make it more personalized for you and your family members. We’d like to leave it up to you to decide how you can make your kitchen look better, but have suggestions that could help.

You can sell off your old dining table and get a new one if you’re planning to replace it. If you don’t, you can simply change the accessories they have like table clothes or mats or salt and pepper containers. Beautify the dining area to make it more welcoming so that you’ll find warmth when uniting for dinner. You can also color or choose nice textures or neon lights for walls so that they make the space look welcoming too.

Final thoughts

 Just like every other part of your home, your kitchens also need to be worked on. Working towards refurbishing this area will bring in a change and also modernize it. You must work in specific places like buying new appliances, replacing areas that are getting old and rustic, and so on. If you’re not sure on how you can manage all alone, take expert help and work things out.

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