How to make your own desk dividers?

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No matter if you are a teacher who needs to check if your students are cheating during tests or not, or works in an office where you need privacy, desk dividers or desk dividers panels can help you a lot. 

Desk dividers are those parts that can offer you enough privacy while you are working in an office or need to give your students separate places to give their tests. 

So, discussed here are different types of desk dividers panels and how can you make one.

Types of desk dividers

There are different types of desk dividers that you can have in your office or classroom. Each one of them has a unique look and purpose.

  • Aluminum

This kind of desk dividers can give an open feel while working. Though these are not aesthetically beautiful, they are a really good option for your office.

  • Wood

Wood dividers are one of the best options because, on them, you can create different types of designs. There are various types of woods like oak, maple, cherry, and walnut, which can be perfect for your office.

  • Glass

These types of desk dividers are the best and most versatile option for office dividers. These are both aesthetically and functionally attractive. Moreover, glass dividers are also an environment-friendly option.

How to make desk divider panels on your own?

Desk dividers panels don’t just keep your working area from looking disorganized and cluttered, they also offer privacy that you really need while working. With low-walled partitions, workers can still hear the noises of their co-workers and may feel disturbed. 

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So, if you do not have a lot of budget to buy a new office divider, you can make one for yourself. To create office dividers for yourself, you may need to follow several essential steps. Some of those are:

  • Step 1: Create a design

Before starting the creation of a desk divider, you need to think about a specific design plan. For this, you need to start the procedure by measuring the space of your office and creating an accurate floorplan to create the required partitions. You need to remember to add adequate space for walkways and space for the required furniture for your office.

  • Step 2: Create frames

In this step, you need work to create an accurate frame. For this, you have to cut the wood into equal parts and then attach those four parts and create a square. In order to make that square stable, you have to nail a few nails or screws.

Now, you will need a fifth piece of wood that will run horizontally to give that square an extra amount of support. To attach this fifth piece, screws and nails will be needed.

  • Step 3: Cover the frames

Now, you have to cover the frames with good quality fabric. In this case, felt and canvas is good options. You just have to choose the partition covers according to the tone set by your office. Also, the color needs to match the interiors of your office.

  • Step 4: Secure those partitions

Now, you have to secure those partitions to the floor or the wall with screws. Whenever you need to change the position of that divider, those screws can be removed easily.

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Therefore, these are the steps through which you can easily create attractive desk divider panels.

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