How to choose a sofa bed?

How to choose a sofa bed?

A convertible sofa meets specific needs. Whether it’s a sofa bed or a BZ, here is a complete guide to help you choose and buy the right sofa bed for occasional, regular or daily use.

To accommodate friends or family passing through or to save space in a small space, the No. 1 sleeping solution is, of course, the sofa bed or sofa bed. This two-in-one seat makes many services, but it’s choice criteria vary according to the use that we will have. Do we sleep there every day? Will the sofa serves as a daily seat? What is the area of the room in which it will be installed? All this must be taken into account in order to choose the right sofa.

The different types of convertible sofa

The sofa beds are divided into two categories: the seats, which include a sofa bed and BZ, and sofas. The benches are mattresses folded and covered with covers. These are generally small products, in which you can sleep every day, but do not look like sofas. Note: click-clack and BZ   do not unfold in the same direction. Click-clack version, the bed is parallel to the wall, version BZ; it is perpendicular to the wall. Convertible sofas, on the other hand, are structured like real sofas, with backrests and armrests. Unlike benches, the seat is independent of the bedding. Therefore, the cost of a convertible sofa is higher than that of a bench. 

The choice of dimensions

Before leaving in search of the ideal sofa bed, it is important to take measurements of the space that will be devoted to it in the room. Taking into account the width of the convertible is not enough. We must also consider its depth, that is to say, space it occupies once unfolded. In general, a bench is about 145 cm wide, a sofa, 170 cm, for a classic two-seater bed. From the small folding armchair 80 cm wide to the convertible corner sofa that contains a 180 cm wide bed, convertibles come in all sizes. The size of the sofa bed depends on your needs and the space you want to give it.

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Sleeping comfort side

The key to a good sofa bed is to choose the right bed. Will you use your sofa bed on an occasional, regular or daily basis? Here is the essential question to ask you. It is important to determine the thickness of your future mattress so that the product is adapted to your needs.

For occasional use, a mattress approximately 6 cm thick will be sufficient.

Convertible regular use is provided with a mattress 10 to 11 cm thick.

If you plan to use your convertible daily, opt for a mattress 14 cm to 18 cm thick with a density of more than 30 kg / m³, for a comfort equal to that of a fixed mattress.

Besides the thickness, you can bet on the superior quality by choosing the material (the latex for example), the density and even the mark. Some models are equipped with famous brand mattresses such as Bultex, Treca, Dunlopillo or Simmons. Once the mattress has been tested, try the sofa bed in its sitting version, assessing its flexibility. Good surprise, convertible sofas today claim the same sitting comfort as that of fixed sofas.

The system of opening a convertible sofa

Opening your future couch with one hand and removing or not the cushions are some of the questions to ask yourself. The opening mechanism, especially if the sofa bed is intended to be frequently handled, will be decisive for the choice of your sofa bed. Thus, the Lampolet system, or Rapid system, which consists of intervening neither on the back of the sofa nor on the cushions to operate the opening mechanism, is ideal for sofa beds for daily use.

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On models with occasional or regular use, the opening mechanism is by lifting the seat and it is generally necessary to remove the cushions yourself. There are also electric motors that, with a motor, allow the sofa bed to unfold alone, simply by pressing a button.

Storage in a sofa bed

Some sofa beds have storage boxes, either at the back or under the sofa, which are used to store duvets and pillows. This feature optimizes the space. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it is an indispensable criterion!

Choosing a sofa: the golden rules

Before choosing and buying a new sofa, several criteria must be taken into account. From the structure to the upholstery, foam cushions and springs, here’s a small checklist of everything you need to check when choosing a beautiful sofa and selections of the most beautiful models of comfortable seating.

How to choose a sofa?

It’s decided, for your living room, it’s a corner sofa that you need! To avoid making mistakes in your choice, follow our tips before buying.

Leather sofa: choose it well

For a good leather sofa, there are four rules to follow to the letter. Leather, its thickness, structure, and price.

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