How to choose a mattress? Purchase guide

How to choose a mattress? Purchase guide

It can not be said enough: a restful sleep begins with good bedding. In terms of mattresses, the choice is vast: foam, spring, latex, mattress firm or soft … it’s up to you to find the mattress that will make you illico fall into the arms of Morpheus. Complete guide to choose and buy your mattress according to its bed base, its weight and its expectations.

How to choose your mattress, Different types of mattresses, what firmness? Test bedding, when to change mattresses?

Maintain your mattress Pillow, Bolster, Quilt and Co.

The different types of mattresses

Do not combine any mattress with any mattress.  Choosing a good mattress is essential for quality sleep. To enjoy all its qualities, it must be compatible with the bed frame, but the choice in this area is vast: spring mattress, latex mattress, foam mattress, with or without memory shape … All options are possible for a custom sleeping.

Know that there are still some major differences between the three major families of mattresses. The foam mattress, for example, allows you to choose between different levels of firmness; the latex mattress is the champion of independence sleeping, while the spring mattress allows optimal ventilation.

Latex mattress

Often, they combine firmness and mellowness thanks to the cells that compose it. Latex has many advantages, including a great ability to deform without deteriorating over time. To ensure the quality and longevity of your mattress, opt for a mattress with the mention “100% latex”.

Foam and memory mattresses

Three types of foam are used: polyurethane foam (which has different densities, generally used for entry-level mattresses), high-resilience polyurethane (elastic properties, comfort and durability) and memory shape that allow the mattress to take the exact shape of your body to give a feeling of lightness and reduce compression points. Choose this type of mattress if, for example, you tend to be hot while you sleep.

Spring mattress

This type of mattress offers good ventilation. Depending on the type of spring, this comfortable mattress has a long life and a perfect independence of sleeping.

The firmness of the mattress, an important criterion

Moist, firm, very firm or ergonomic: it’s not just a matter of taste. A mattress that is both supple and firm will suit the sleeper’s morphology, weight, and sleeping habits, providing support for all parts of the body. A mattress too firm is as bad for the back as a mattress too soft because it hurts the spine. As for the mattress too soft, it does not support the body enough: the shoulders, the basin sink and the column is not aligned. In addition, a bed too soft hinders frequent changes of position during sleep.

It should be noted that there are no universal standards of hardness. As a result, what is presented by a brand as a very firm mattress will not necessarily be for brand bedding? Only solution: try your mattress click here.

For a tall or overweight person, it will be best to choose a relatively firm mattress to ensure good body support.

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A fine or small person may choose a softer mattress instead.

Contrary to popular belief, a firm mattress is not always the best choice, especially if you suffer from recurring back pain (which could then worsen). Do not hesitate to test your mattress before buying, even if you do your shopping on the internet (go to the store beforehand). Some manufacturers or traders even offer trial periods of up to 30 days!

Other criteria for mattress selection

The thickness of the mattress should be taken into account: below 15 cm thick, you risk touching the bed base by turning in the bed. Not very nice! A high amount of lining will ensure greater comfort for users. Similarly, a mattress with large dimensions will offer you greater independence of sleeping, and thus reduce the risk of clashes with your spouse during the night. If you are often affected by allergies, there are anti- mite and antibacterial mattresses designed for you.

The mattress is up to date

If you are tired of the timeless white cotton mattress, there are now mattresses out of the ordinary: bright colors, mismatched stitching, striped, two-tone, shiny … the mattress is wearing new clothes to brighten your bedroom. At the top of the technology, there are also hybrid mattresses combining the benefits of all the foams, to obtain the almost perfect mattress: thermo regulating, ventilated, hypoallergenic, even air-conditioned, the new mattresses provide a healthy sleep in a healthy room.

6 brands to buy your mattress online

Test bedding before purchase

To choose your mattress, but also your box spring, it is important to test them beforehand – and of course to try them together if you are two. For that, touching a mattress to appreciate its softness or its firmness is not enough: in the exhibition store, lie down and go back, as in full sleep, at least 15 minutes. There are also some tips on whether the tested bedding is right for you: lying on your back, try putting a hand between your back and the mattress. If you succeed, it means that the mattress is too firm. Conversely, if you press your elbow and it sinks, the mattress is not firm enough. Indeed, it is important that the column remains straight when lying on its side, if it twists in one direction or another, the mattress is too much or not enough firm. And do not hesitate to test the bedding with two if necessary, to verify the independence of sleeping, a criterion of choice.

When to change mattresses?

If your mattress is more than ten years old, you have back pain when you wake up and the shape of your body remains visible on your mattress; know that it is high time to renew your bedding. On average, bedding professional’s advice to buy a mattress and a bed base of the same brand every ten years, so that the whole constitutes a homogeneous whole. However, if your bed base is new and well adapted to your needs, a slightly lower quality mattress may suffice. On the contrary, if your bed base is fixed slats or braces, put more on the mattress. Similarly, do not sleep regularly on a mattress placed directly on the floor. It will wear out much faster and will be poorly ventilated.

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It is also important to know that changing bedding is a matter of hygiene. On average, a person evacuates 173 liters of water a year while sleeping. Substances that have fulfilled their role as filters for ten years lose their effectiveness beyond this time.

Maintain your mattress

You must be careful during the first months of use, because the soft materials of packing must stabilize to come to marry the shape of your body. To accelerate their stabilization, you can return the mattress head and foot every fortnight in the first months, then once every three months. Some mattresses are air-conditioned, usually lined with wool on the winter side, cotton or foam on the summer side, so do not forget to return them in early October and April . In addition, it is advisable to protect the mattress with a washable pad. It can also be interesting, when changing the sheets, to vacuum on the mattress, to get rid of dust, deposits and mites. You can also beat him to ventilate him. And think, when you return, to do it both sides but also head-foot, and to do it regularly.

Clean a mattress

Around the bed, accessories, Do not forget the pillows , bolsters, duvets and bed linen that help to make us have a good night’s sleep.

Pillows and bolsters

75% of Australian people use a pillow. Yet if you sleep on your back, this is not recommended. The right pillow must be of good quality and well used to avoid the sensations of heavy head and torticollis in the morning. It must support the cervical vertebrae and distribute the weight of the head, regardless of the position during sleep. Proper alignment of the head and neck promotes muscle relaxation and blood circulation. Should we take it soft or firm? It all depends on your morphology and your preferred position: a firm pillow if you sleep on your side, more supple if you sleep on your back. To avoid twisting of the neck, opt for pillows and small bolsters malleable, which will marry the shape of the neck by supporting it slightly,

Duvet or sheets and blanket

The duvet does not promote good air circulation and we sweat more, but some likes this big heat. People with circulatory problems will prefer an old-fashioned bed linen, that is to say sheets and blanket. Whatever the case may be, prefer natural fiber to synthetic materials.

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