Effective Team Building Activities


Two Truths and a Lie
Give your participants a paper and a pen. Each team member will write down three pieces of information on themselves that they would like to share with a group. But one of these pieces of information will be a lie. Once everyone has written down some information about themselves, have everyone walk around “cocktail-party” style and share this information with each other while quizzing each other on their lives and interests.
The idea here is to collect information that can help you determine which are the truths and lies in the other person’s stories. But don’t tell anyone your truths and lies just yet. Just ask questions and learn a little about the people you see.
After this stage of the activity has been completed, it is time to reveal the information. Stand in a circle and take turns reading your three tidbits of information on your life. Once a player has finished reading their lies and truths, the assembly will vote to decide which tidbits are most likely true and which are false. Once the tallies have been completed, the player will reveal the truth and collect points for how many people he managed to fool. This game is a good option for encouraging communication in the office and allows co-workers to get to know each other better. As a side point, you might be interested in seeing Celebrity Cyclone Experience UK.
Life Highlights Game
This is a great way to break the ice with small groups or large groups of workers. Begin by asking the participants to close their eyes and think back to the greatest moments of their lives. These could be moments of great significance on any level including, moments of heroism, flashes of enlightenment, experiences of pure ecstasy, or even those gruelling tribulations in which an iron will is forged.
After giving the participants the time to think of their great moments and envision them in their minds with their eyes closed. Tell your participants that the search will be narrowed soon. In about 15 – 30 seconds tell your participants that they will think of the 30 seconds they would like to relive from their life. If they were to die in thirty seconds, these would be the 30 seconds they relive before they shuffle off this mortal coil.
After about 3 more seconds, you can ask them all to open their eyes. The leader of the activity will then go in a circle and ask each participant what 30 seconds they chose and why they chose these thirty seconds. This activity allows colleagues and co-workers alike to share their moments of greatest passion, emotion, acts of heroism, and many more. This gives a keen insight into the passions and nature of each co-worker.
Coin Logo
Form your team into small groups of two or three players. Using nothing but the contents from their pockets, each team will create a logo that best represents the values of their team. This activity can also be done individually if you have a small enough team, this allows for a more personalized experience. However, these groups can also be especially enjoyable and effective as part of a large group dynamic as seen in a conference or seminar.
After about 3-5 minutes of preparation time, each team can present their work to the group. By combining the contents of their pockets, co-workers will get an insight into each other’s lives. Communicating and expressing their ideas while working together toward a common goal is also a good way to build a common vision and shared perspectives. This activity can work to promote awareness of your company, business, and organizational goals. It also allows co-workers to get to know each other better.

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