5 House Cleaning Tips to Remember After a Major Home Renovation

5 House Cleaning Tips to Remember After a Major Home Renovation

House renovation is such a good and fresh thing to do in your home. You will have newly decorated parts of your house, or even made a terrace in your home. Also having a freshly made bathroom or widen the space of your bedroom. However, after all of those renovations, it is very sure that the house will be dirty and unorganized.

There will be a mess left in the house, and those workers are not obliged to clean your space. Therefore, all the dust and other particles are all up for you to clean. Right after your house has been finished renovated, start cleaning it. We will be showing you five cleaning tips and practices in your home after a renovation in it. Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Wipe Down Surfaces

The first thing that you will notice after a major house renovation is all the dirt and dust coming from all the woodwork, cement work, and so on. It will surely be all over the place. It will be a bother for everyone in the house when not cleaned as soon as possible, even if the home is newly renovated and gives a new vibe in the house.

You need to start cleaning it by wiping it thoroughly. You can see all the dirt in different surfaces in the house such as cabinets, closets, walls, and even floors. First, clean the closets and cabinets both inside and outside, and all its shelves. Make sure to clean all surface of it. Next are the walls and other countertops. Ensure to clean it with a wet or dry cloth. Lastly, wipe the floor to get rid of all dirt. As recommended by Deep Cleaning Services NYC, never forget to pick the right cleaning aid to partner with your fabric in wiping down every surface in your home.

Tip #2: Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery

If you have a carpet on your floor or your floor is covered with carpet, you need to give some attention there. After wiping every surface such as the closets and countertops in the house, all dirt is going down are on your floor. It will be easily captured if you have carpets as covering of your deck. You need to start vacuuming it.

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Start vacuuming the carpet and all other upholstery in your home. Pay close attention to all details. After that, you need to remove and clean all furniture cushion. Have a separate effort for that. Vacuum all soft surface and cushions carefully to remove all dust and because it will be used daily by anyone. When not cleanly thoroughly, it may cause itchiness and irritation to anyone having contact with it. Make sure that you already vacuum it carefully, if you are not sure, and you can always do another round.

Tip #3: Check Air Vents and Filters

Dust and dirt are not only bothering when seen by anyone but also it can when different people in your home inhale it. It can lead to various health issues like asthma and allergies. You would not want any in your family or friends living with you to have those health issues. You should start cleaning all different sources of air in your home.

First, clean your air vents. You may start by identifying all vents that were near in the renovated part of your home. You need to remove it immediately after the renovation is done. It should be cleaned thoroughly and carefully before all the dirt specs transfer to another vent. Also, you need to start replacing filters. Same with the vents, identify all air filters near the renovation area. After that, remove those, and it should be immediately replaced with a new one.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Little Things

After cleaning all the significant parts of the house that will gather a lot of dust and dirt, you should now focus on the other pieces of furniture and appliances in the house. You are doing this because you aim to make your home a dust-free zone after the renovation.

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You can start by looking at your ceiling fan blades. Ensure that you have wiped all edges of the fan to avoid scattering of dust when it is turned on. Check also all your light fixtures and lamp shades. To maximize the light, it can give to you, wipe all the dust from it. You need to even look at your electronics and small appliances to remove all the dirt it gathered from the renovation. Lastly, your decorative items would not be a decoration when it is not clean and covered with dust. Clean that to make your home completely dust-free.

Tip #5: Hire a Cleaning Services

According to Maid Sailors a Cleaning Service NYC,  most people cannot commit a lot of time to clean after a renovation. You may have a tight schedule at work or just plain tired after going home. As we showed earlier, cleaning after a renovation project in your home will require a lot of sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and so on. We are saying that if you cannot give time for it, there is another way.

You can always hire a professional to do this for you. They will cover any post-construction clean-up you need for your house. Even if it is just a one-room clean-up or a whole house clean-up, professional services are the answer. Post-construction cleaning needs meticulous and thorough cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

The whole job for cleaning the house after a major renovation is tough when looking at it at first. But really, it is a matter of having a clear plan and skills to finish that all in one run. However, if you cannot insert some time for it, you can hire professional cleaning services to do the work for you.

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