12 Step Guide to Laying Wooden Flooring

12 Step Guide to Laying Wooden Flooring

When you are planning to have wooden flooring, often one hesitates thinking that it’s going to consume much time in the installation. But, you are wrong! In fact, laying down the wooden flooring is not rocket science. You can do it on your own or perhaps hire someone to look after it.

Either way installing wooden flooring is simpler and quicker. Therefore, today, in this blog, we are going to share with you how you can install the flooring by following the 12-step guide. But before we get into the detail of the blog, there are a few important points you need to consider.

Here’s what you need to know!

1.    Selecting the flooring

Remember, you are investing your hard-earned money into the wooden flooring. Therefore, it’s best to select the kind of flooring that will last longer. There are various choices available in the wooden flooring such as reclaimed oak flooring, parquet flooring or pine floorboards. Hence, select according to your space, budget, and interior.

From solid hardwood to engineered hardwood, there are plenty of options available.

2.    Getting the Wooden Flooring

Once you are settled with the choice of wooden flooring, decide where you wish to accommodate it. Also, ensure that you receive in the bunch as an when required.

The place where you are putting the wooden flooring must be dry such distressed wood flooring. Not a hint of water droplet should be there. Don’t keep it next to the heater or any other heat radiating device.

3.    Prepare the Flooring

Check the moisture on the flooring through the device. It must be less than 6%. If it’s not dry then permit it to dry naturally in the sunlight.

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If there are any sort of chemicals on the flooring or adhesive applied, then remove them all of it. Sweep away the dirt and dust.

4.    Instructions

Many of us never read the instructions before carrying out any activity. Due to which sometimes it results in the damage. Therefore, before installing the wooden flooring, read out all the instructions properly.

Even though the professionals are expert, they will always read out the instructions to you before installing the wooden flooring. But, it’s better if you check it out once just for yourself.

5.    Types of equipment

Having the correct types of equipment is essential for installing wooden flooring. If you are planning to do it on your own then get the pieces of equipment from the shop so that you can proceed further and get yourself started.

12 Step Guide to Laying Wooden Flooring

Steps for Installing The Wooden Flooring

There should not be any bumps or dips in the base of your wooden flooring. Check it and then you can begin the wooden flooring.

1. The first step to do is center and later aligns the planking area with it.  You will be able to cut the first-row size.

2. With the help of space wedges, be certain that there is 15 mm distance or spacing near all the walls and structural parts of the room

3. Ensure that you screw the first and last wooden planks wooden flooring from vertically to top. There should be 15 mm distance from the edge or perhaps use the nails.

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4. Screw the planks at 45-degree angle right above the tongue.

5. Now, cut down the last plank of exact right size keeping in mind about the wall spacing. This starting piece you shall receive must be used for the second row.

6. With the help of hammer and hammering lock, connect the planks together.

7. If you wish you can use the installation tools and metal heel bars to insert the last pieces of plank.

8. Also, the installation aid is used for making the screwing process easier among the solid wooden planks.

9. To the transfer, the course of the wall, to last rows of the plank, use a cut-off piece.

10. With the help of matching skirting cover up the gaps all around the flooring.

11. There you are all set with the wooden flooring.

12. If not follow this way, then you can try out the adhesive as a substitute for the installation method.

Wooden flooring is an exceptional choice to have for your space. It altogether gives an amazing look and improves the ambiance. Follow the above-mentioned blog, that comprises of 12-step guide laying of wooden flooring.

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